These study guides were written by my dad during his years of preaching and as instructor at the Sunset School of Preaching. He wrote about things that he felt were relevant to the church. Since his death in March 2007, I’ve been asked for lesson/study guides that he used during his years of preaching. These are the guides I have and we are finally making them available. We are selling them at minimal cost in the exact condition that he wrote them. They can be purchased through our Paypal account just as the songbooks are purchased. Once payment is made, we will either email them to you and/or we can mail you a copy. Feel free to call me at 806-795-7796 if you have questions.

Thank you and may God Bless the ministry,

Debora Perez-Ruiz
Cantos Espirituales, Inc.

Study Guides:
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  • 1. Cantando con Gracia
  • 2. Doctrina Biblica
  • 3. El Ministerio de la LEY
  • 4. Ensenandoles Educacion Cristiana
  • 5. Galatas La Constitucion de la Libertad en Cristo
  • 6. Griego como usar el Griego del nuevo testamento
  • 7. Hebreos Los Dos Pactos
  • 8. Hechos La Historia Inspirada de la Iglesia
  • 9. Isaias el Evangelio en el Antiguo Testamento
  • 10. Jeremias y Lamenraciones el caracter del predicador
  • 11. La Iglesia en el Pla Eterno De Dios
  • 12. La Tierra Ianta geografia historica de la Biblia
  • 13. La Unidad Organica de la iglesia
  • 14. Predicando a Cristo Homiletica
  • 15. Problemas Congregacionales
  • 16. Psicologia de la Ensenanza Biblica
  • 17. Romanos el Poder del Evangelio

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