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  1. Roca de la Eternidad (pg. 12)
  2. Cerca de ti, Señor (pg. 16)
  3. Meditad (pg.25)
  4. Hay un Mundo Feliz (pg. 35)
  5. Cara a Cara (pg.76)
  6. Oh, Bella Gracia de Amor (pg. 82)
  7. Dios Os Guarde (pg. 122)
  8. La Gloriosa Aparación (pg. 188)
  9. Comprado con Sangre por Cristo (pg. 194)
  10. A Solas al Huerto Yo Voy (pg.235)

Cantos Espirituales has been used in the brotherhood for the past 74 years. The request for a CD of the songs in this hymnal have come from all over the world and the brotherhood. Thanks be to God for His help in accomplishing this project.

These hymns have been a part of all our lives and will continue to be so for many years to come. They have given us a feeling of peace, security and comfort during difficult times and have also brought us joy, love and happiness during good times. This first volume is the first of two volumes dedicated to the hymns in this hymnal that reflect our hope and expectation of spending an eternity with our Lord.

These 10 hymns are requested for their beautiful and positive messages. We hope these hymns are a blessing to you. Thanks be to Carlos and Sharon Gonzales who have collaborated with me and used their beautiful God given talents to produce this CD. My prayer is that this be the first of several volumes of beautiful songs that are found in Cantos Espirituales.

Debora Perez-Ruiz
Cantos Espirituales, Inc.
Price: $15.00 per CD